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Does your club keep a list of its most important customers? Do you use discounts to attract new customers? Then the VIP/Guest List module may be just what you are looking for. Keep a list of VIP’s and Guest’s in your program and not on a clipboard. Paper list may have been ok for the discos of the seventies but this is the 21st century. If you do prefer to use a clipboard, just print out the “VIP/Guest List”. The VIP/Guest List tracker provides an accurate way to track these important clients.

The VIP/Guest List tracker in Velvet Rope works like this. When a customer advises the person at the door that they are on the VIP list, that employee searches for them using the VIP Search window. If no match is found, that person’s last name will not appear on the list. If a match is found, highlight their name and press enter. This will highlight the name in red noting that /demo.htmey have arrived.

Along with their name, the VIP Search window also displays the number in their party and any notes you may have added to their record. The last step is to enter them into the system either manually or by swiping their license and arming them as a VIP with the F9 or F10 keys.

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