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- You can now track those customers with expired licenses

- Manager refunds to better track your cash drawer

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Below is a chart of requirements needed and/or recommended to run Velvet Rope 2000. If you have any questions about system requirements, ask our technical support department by e-mail at: support@evendesigns.com


  • Pentium 133 Processor
  • 16 MB of memory
  • 50 MB of hard drive space
  • 256 Color VGA Monitor
  • 4x CD-Rom



  • 32 MB of memory
  • 100 MB of hard drive space
  • 64K Color SVGA Monitor
  • 12X CD-Rom
  • SoundBlaster compatible sound card


A PS/2 magnetic card reader may be purchased with Velvet Rope 2000 for easy hook-up to your computer's keyboard port.

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