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- You can now track those customers with expired licenses

- Manager refunds to better track your cash drawer

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Probably the most important part of Velvet Rope is the reports. The reports were written to give you an accurate picture of the data you’ve collected. After a night of use, run a report to see how many people came through your doors. With the cover charge amounts placed on each head, your ready to run a drawer report. Want to know how many males and females were there and the percentage of each? Below you will find a list of just a few of the reports possible with Velvet Rope.

Customers by sex
Customers by age
Customers by frequency of visits
Customers by name
Customers by Date/Time
Cover charges by date
VIP customers
Guest Customers
VIP No-shows
Guest No-shows

The reports in Velvet Rope were designed to provide the upper management of a nightclub the ability to track their customers like never before. Knowing who’s coming, and when they’re coming may be the secret to keep them coming back.

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