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- You can now track those customers with expired licenses

- Manager refunds to better track your cash drawer

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Setting up Velvet Rope is a snap. From cover charges to login passwords, everything you need to control your program is under the Setup menu. On the first screen, you see your Company name and Owner name as it was entered during the initial setup. The “AVS Time to Display” setting controls the amount of time the AVS window displays its information for each swipe. The password button allows you to change the administrator password as well as the password needed to open the AVS screen.

The second tab allows you to modify the amount of a cover charge for any given night. On Thursdays you may want to charge $5.00 for everyone but Fridays and Saturdays its $10.00 for males, $5.00 for females. This window will allow you to modify the cover charges in order to fit the needs of your nightclub.

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