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- You can now track those customers with expired licenses

- Manager refunds to better track your cash drawer

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If you own a nightclub that charges a cover and sells alcohol, this product was developed for you. Velvet Rope allows you to charge a different cover charge for each day of the week and for each sex.  Also, by adding a time reference to the cover charge setup will allow you to run special promotions were ladies get in free until 11:00. Trying to use a fake ID of the new style driverís license is virtually impossible. No matter how well they replicate the front, they may never be able to reproduce that magnetic strip. Donít jeopardize your liquor license by relying on bouncers to authenticate a license. Now you can let the power of a computer do that for you. And if the customer uses an older license or one from out of state without a magnetic strip, the system allows the door person to enter their age/sex information with just one keystroke. Swiping a license to gather someoneís age will not slow down your line out front but rather speed it up.

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