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- You can now track those customers with expired licenses

- Manager refunds to better track your cash drawer

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Velvet Rope 2000 is the leading door management system available today. One program can now tell you everything you need to know about your front door. It verifies the age on a driver's license guarding against fake ID's. It keeps a count of people coming in allowing you to run full detailed reports for demographic purposes. You can print mailing labels directly from the software and keep records of your VIP's. Below are more features that make Velvet Rope 2000 the only door management solution for your business.

Ban troublesome customers
One touch entry for non-compatible licenses
Check for expired licenses
Set cover charges for each day of the week
Settings protected by a manager password
Print mailing labels for upcoming birthdays
Keep a VIP list and mark them off as they arrive
3 cover categories (Regular, Reduced, and No Cover)
Personal club logo on the Point of Entry screen*

To see for yourself the power of this system, download a free demo program. This demo is already packed with 100 fictitious customers allowing you to run a full batch of reports.

* - Logo must be supplied by the purchaser in an electronic format

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